Kololo Senior Secondary School proudly introduces its new prefect uniform, crafted to honour the significant role of student leaders in maintaining discipline and order. This attire goes beyond mere clothing; it symbolizes the deep responsibilities and steadfast dedication of the prefects to the school community. The uniform was designed with a focus on simplicity and functionality. The choice of light blue as the primary colour echoes values of trust, responsibility, and authority, mirroring the essential qualities of the prefects. The centrepiece is a light blue shirt or blouse, made from durable, high-quality fabric, not just as clothing, but as a badge of honour. These shirts and blouses feature shoulder straps for a formal and distinct appearance, setting the prefects apart. Each item is adorned with the school badge, the prefect’s title, and name, fostering a sense of pride and duty. The uniform is completed with trousers or skirts that maintain the school’s formal and respectful ethos, along with carefully chosen accessories like ties.

Kololo Senior Secondary School holds the belief that a prefect’s uniform should embody the respect and responsibility inherent in their role. The new light blue uniform, with its deliberate details and shoulder straps, stands as a testament to the values of leadership, discipline, and excellence that the school upholds. The school is confident that its prefects, donning this distinguished uniform, will continue to set an example and motivate their peers. This initiative reflects the school’s commitment to fostering a sense of pride and duty among its student leaders.

Article by Adiga Saddam  3/4