From Saturday, June 15th, through to Tuesday, June 18th, Kololo Senior Secondary School had the honor of welcoming back Andrew Bada Lee, a young and talented programmer from Abu Dhabi. Accompanied by his father, Joonhoo Lee, Andrew’s second visit marked a significant milestone in the school’s journey towards embracing the world of coding and technology.

Andrew’s first visit left a lasting impact, igniting a passion for coding among our students. His return was met with great enthusiasm and anticipation, especially from those who had shown exceptional dedication since his initial visit. Among these devoted students were Kimwera Davis, Pimungu Jeremy, Nibiizi Angel, Kasozi David, Matovu Caleb, and Kakuru Fahad. Their commitment and progress were a testament to the transformative power of Andrew’s mentorship.

During his recent visit, Andrew expressed his happiness and pride in seeing the students’ growth. He was particularly impressed with the innovative projects they developed, showcasing their creativity and newfound skills. These projects not only highlighted the students’ potential but also reflected the high standards of education and support provided by Kololo Senior Secondary School.

The visit attracted significant attention from the Ugandan media, with UBC, BBS, and the Daily Monitor covering the event. This media coverage brought positive recognition to our school and underscored the importance of coding education in Uganda. In one of his interviews, Andrew revealed his ambitious vision to extend this coding initiative across Africa, with Uganda being the pioneering country. This announcement not only elevated the status of our school but also positioned Uganda as a leader in the continent’s technological advancement.

Andrew Bada Lee’s dedication to empowering young coders is truly inspiring. His efforts are helping to build a brighter future for our students, fostering a new generation of tech-savvy individuals who are ready to tackle the challenges of the digital age. We are immensely grateful for his continued support and look forward to seeing the lasting impact of his work on our school and beyond.