Students usually find it difficult and costly to move to and fro school due to the high costs of the available transport means. This can be attributed to the fact that students cannot afford that much, except a little amount that is only enough for them to grab a bite at the school canteen. In addition, the boda-boda mode that seems effective, emit carbon that has done more harm than good in our environment.

Students at Kololo Senior Secondary School led by Mongoyi Edward Frederick and Komoire Ashiraf participated in the Stanbic Bank National Schools Championship where they came up with an innovative business idea ‘‘The Skool Bike Project’’. ‘Skool Bike’ focuses on providing affordable, fun and yet environmentally friendly transportation means for students through bicycle hiring.

SKOOL BIKE seeks to empower students into riding to and fro school. This will eventually enhance the level of physical fitness of the students and also reduce on the hours students take to walk to and fro school. Consequently, the process of students commuting to school will be more fun and also the amount of carbon emissions will be cut as SKOOL BIKE promotes clean mobility which is in line with the global efforts to curb the effects of climate change. ‘Never has student mobility been this easier and fun!’

Mongoyi Edward Frederick (S.6A)

Head Boy Emeritus,