Positions of responsibility often come with such specific tasks that any progressive minded leader has to carry on. Such tasks of demonstrating exemplary leadership, maintaining a clean environment and keeping the environment green as demonstrated by the current head teacher of Kololo Senior Secondary School, Mr. Kanoonya Edward did not surprise his school community. He had declared at the school assembly that he would launch a campaign within Kololo SSS in promoting and keeping the environment clean and green. The students’ community of over 5000 learners burst into ululations. They waited to see the ‘whole’ head teacher leading his teachers and student leaders in fulfilling the pronouncement.

Not even the morning rain could pull down his spirit, determined on securing the environment as he has always been, 6:45am found him already with his broom, his staff and students leaders gladly armed with brooms, wheelbarrow and seedlings behind him. The morning was set to drive and awaken the sense of responsibility in learners on the need to keep and maintain our school clean and green.

The positivity with which the students looked at the head teacher, took a step and followed in his footsteps of planting a tree within the school and their respective homes and maintaining it, took the centre stage. Since that day, every stream has taken a day within the week where they take care of the environment. The activity even became a reality to S.1 students who had to integrate and apply the knowledge gathered in the process of implementing the New Secondary Curriculum, under the topic: Environment and Pollution in English Language senior one syllabus. With these, Kololo SSS intends to thrive and pride in its vision of Plant and Maintain a tree.