Trees are a great deal of resources that are extremely useful in the eco-system and the entire environment; playing a great role towards rejuvenating the atmosphere, creating conducive environment for mankind. Having hosted the Stanbic Bank staff at the school premises with a shared goal of enhancing on the advocacy of tree planting and environmental conservation, a lot was portrayed to enlighten the values of having trees in the environment and some of the positive impacts they bring thereafter.

Trees act as sieves for dangerous gases in the atmosphere like carbon-dioxide and release oxygen which supports human life. And in this way, they not only refresh but also clean the environment.  They also add on the natural beauty of the environment which makes it look attractive and naturally impressive. In addition, they make part of the eco-system and biodiversity of the earth which creates a healthy sense of living for the different creatures that depend on them for both food and shelter.  This initiative by Stanbic Bank comes to boost the effort of Kololo Senior Secondary School in creating a micro-forest, the next ‘Mabira’ within the city. This effort does not only secure our environment, but it also empowers our young learners, who are the future generation on the task at hand. Should this campaign spread to places beyond, KOLOLO S.S.S will remain in record for creating and championing the splendid outcome for the great cause; a historical event to behold.

To wrap it all, I challenge the different stake holders, schools, institutions, parents and all country men and women to put an effort in planting and maintain a tree for the future generations. In this way, we shall live in a pollution free environment for life sustenance. Remember, a seed planted is a future secured.

                                                                                By: Nyawere Anna Maria.