Climate change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic changes affect life on Earth in various ways. These climatic changes are having various impacts on the ecosystem and ecology.

A safe and preserved environment is the environment we all need. In this international fight for awareness about environmental conservation, Kololo Senior Secondary School is passionate when it comes to being on the lead to deal with environmental issues. The school has various achievements geared towards protecting and improving the environment because, in a conducive environment, the school can run smoothly.

The school has made various innovations and carried out various activities that are typically developed and implemented by students under the guidance and support of their green club patrons.

Administration, teachers, and supportive stakeholder groups like the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the New Vision Group, and the Swedish Embassy Through the different Green Clubs at Kololo Senior Secondary School, some of the innovations made in the fight against climate change include making multi-purpose containers made from plastic bottles, which are used all over the school classrooms, and others are sold to different schools as well. Making link boundary fences to prevent trespassing using plastic-designed and coloured bottles and brickets using small papers from around the school compound from littered papers as well, the students managed to make paper bags that they later sold to canteens for packaging people’s goods.

Sensitising learners on issues concerning the environment and why it should be safeguarded, students have moved to different schools, not forgetting their very own, to spread awareness about the climate crisis we are currently facing. The school has arranged a number of environment-themed shows where students are required to innovate and exhibit different things or materials to mitigate climate change. The teachers of the school make sure to teach using newspaper articles to sensitise learners to the burning issues of the environment.

During our assemblies as Kololo SSS, different patrons arrange and present to us educational messages concerning how to keep our environment intact and urge the students to advocate for a better environment. The school has participated in different programmes and activities that require students to make and exhibit different innovations for a greener environment.

Recently, last term, the school engaged in a National Environment Management Authority exhibition at Kololo Show Grounds. The school also participated in the Green Schools debate under Stanbic Bank and, in turn, won a cheque for Ten Million (10,000,000) Ugandan Shillings for the good work done. The school participated in the POA national exhibition at Jinja Show grounds, showing the role of innovations to help farmers fight the current climatic changes. Just last year, the school participated in the Junior Achievers competition and won for the second time in a row. These competitions required different students to create business ideas with the theme “Action for pollution-free communities.”

With all this at hand, the school has been awarded over six awards in the fight against climate change. This shows that our school greatly supports the fight against climate change and is ready to do just about anything to raise awareness among the people about the changes and how they affect us and could affect future generations.

By: Namuyiga Leana 

Senior: Three- one