As a way of complying with the requirements of briefing candidates according to the UNEB timetable for UACE 2023, Kololo SSS fulfilled its part by gathering and giving guidelines to the candidates as they prepare to start writing the actual papers on Monday, 13th November 2023. According to Mr. Mbasani Stephen Donald, the examinations master, Kololo SSS registered 328 candidates for this year’s exams in S.6 and confirmed that there are high expectations in this group. “I envisage three (03) or more candidates scoring 20 points and a handful of candidates scoring between 16 to 17 points from amongst you,” he remarked. He further told the candidates that they need not concentrate on discussing a paper that they have done, but rather focus on those that are pending. He also advised them to be mindful of their smartness and keeping documents (ID and examination cards) as they constitute part of the examination requirements. He told them to respect the school’s standards and stressed the vitality of the candidates having a timetable and also sharing it with their parents to ensure that they do all the papers registered for.

On his part, Mr. Nyende Geoffrey, the deputy in charge of academics emphasized the need for having enough rest, being disciplined and smart so as to avoid inconveniences with the administration. He also told them to have the borrowed books from the library returned to allow other students have access to them. He ended by encouraging the learners to seek for alternative placements in the tertiary institutions without focusing only on the university option.

Finally, Mr. Kanoonya Edward, the Headteacher of the school, just like any other caring father, advised the candidates to work hard now that they have the chance to shape their future into something productive. He tasked them to efficiently use the time they are given within the examination rooms to write answers that will transform into grades that can change the entire nation.  He applauded them for exhibiting high level of discipline throughout their two years and encouraged them to continue doing so since they are heading into the world of work.

Compiled and reported by;

Alinda Bridget and Ahumuza Rebecca (S.2 students)

(Members of the writers’ club- Kololo SSS chapter)