Kololo SSS students took part in the Stanbic Bank Championship showcasing their business idea of SKOOL BIKE PROJECT. Being a day school, the project aims at easing the transport mode for learners to and fro school fun filled. It is more often a big inconvenience than fun to have a walk routine of six out of seven days a week. This has to take some miracle for a learner to be in school daily and be in a better position to compete favourably with others nationally. This consequently costs the students their grades.

The SKOOL BIKE PROJECT envisages making this a simple, fun filled and yet strategic routine. The idea is to make empower learners into riding to and fro. This eventually will save the so much precious time that the world craves for. This is seen as a cheap alternative to all other means of transport for a school going lot. It is gas free, noise free and free from congestion. This motivates the learners to attend school daily, it encourages learning with fun.

THE SKOOL BIKE PROJECT is also destined to address the question of physical fitness before it gets out of hand. It is set to empower the level of immunity, keeping fit and ready to learn. Remember, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’.