In a powerful move towards sustainable community development, the MTN Change Maker initiative has taken the bold step of supporting innovative projects aimed at improving lives. Kololo Senior Secondary School’s Skool Bike project has emerged as one of the ten selected projects in Kampala, showcasing its commitment to fostering positive change.

The Skool Bike project, a brainchild of Ashiraf Komoire (CEO) and Mongoyi Edward (MD) of Skool Bike, is designed to address a critical issue: affordable and environmentally friendly transportation for students. With a focus on bicycle hiring, this initiative not only offers a practical solution but also aligns perfectly with global efforts to combat climate change by promoting clean mobility.

The partnership between Skool Bike and MTN, facilitated through the MTN Foundation, is a game-changer for the project. Under this collaboration, Skool Bike is set to receive a total of 20 bicycles and the construction of a dedicated bicycle station right at Kololo Senior Secondary School. This transformative support will enable students to access affordable transportation options, promoting education and reducing the environmental footprint of their daily commute.

Sylvia Mulinge, the Chief Executive Officer of MTN Uganda, extended her heartfelt congratulations to the Skool Bike team and all the other projects chosen for the MTN Change Maker initiative. She emphasized the initiative’s overarching goal of fostering positive change and community strengthening across Uganda. It’s a testament to the power of collective efforts in building a better future for all.

The Skool Bike team, brimming with enthusiasm, sees this partnership with MTN as a significant milestone in their journey. Their commitment to promoting clean and affordable transportation for students is now bolstered by the support of a major industry player, MTN. Together, they are poised to create lasting change in their community, aligning perfectly with MTN’s rallying cry: “TogetherWeAreUnstoppable!”

As the wheels of progress keep turning, the partnership between MTN and Skool Bike at Kololo Senior Secondary School stands as a shining example of how innovative ideas and dedicated individuals can come together to transform communities and make a positive impact on the environment. With the future in sight, these change makers are proving that, indeed, together, they are unstoppable in their mission to create a better world for all.

By: Ntege Brain

(Teacher of History, Kololo SSS)