The Purpose and Significance of the Kololo s.s.s New Building Under Construction and Renovations.

Kololo Senior Secondary School, located in the heart of the bustling city, has embarked on a transformative journey by constructing two new classroom blocks. The Head Teacher Mr. Kanoonya Edward says, the new building is set to revolutionize the educational environment and create a safer, more accommodating space for students and teachers. Let’s delve into the various aspects that make this project of paramount importance.

Increasing School’s Enrolment: One of the primary motivations behind the new school building is the need to reduce classroom congestion and as well increase the school’s capacity. The current wooden blocks have served the school for years but can no longer fit in the modern city. The new building will provide approximately 35 spacious classrooms, a significant improvement from the 10 classrooms in the existing wooden structures. This expansion will help accommodate more students, thus enhancing access to quality education.

Versatile Spaces: The eventual demolition of the wooden structure aims to create extra spaces for various school activities. This includes dedicated areas for sports, assemblies, and parents’ meetings. These additions will contribute to a more holistic educational experience, fostering not only academic growth but also physical fitness and community engagement.

Promoting Safety: The existing wooden blocks, despite their historical significance, have posed safety concerns. They contained asbestos, a toxic material that poses health risks to students and staff. The new building is constructed using safer materials, thus eliminating the health hazards associated with asbestos. This shift ensures that the school environment is safe and conducive for all.

Reduced Congestion: With more classrooms and larger spaces, the new building will significantly reduce congestion. The spacious classrooms will create an effective learning environment for both students and teachers. Reduced congestion means improved concentration, better teacher-student interaction, and an overall enhancement of the quality of education.

Practical Learning Facilities: The new building includes three well-equipped laboratories, facilitating practical work in science subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology. These laboratories are essential for hands-on learning and experiments, which are crucial for a well-rounded education. The addition of these facilities will undoubtedly enrich the educational experience at Kololo Senior Secondary School.

Efficient Facilities and Services: The construction of the new building, initially by local contractor C.K Associates in May 2020, is being carried out by the UPDF Engineering Brigade since January 2022. Their commitment to regular, consistent, and competent work has brought about a safe and efficient construction process. Their adaptability to school activities ensures minimal disruption.

Funding Support from KCCA: The Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has played a significant role in this transformative project. They have released funds, showing a commitment to seeing the project through towards completion. This financial support has been crucial in driving the construction forward.

Challenges and Stories: The construction of the new building has not been without its challenges. Some of these include the temporary displacement of students, noise during construction, and the logistical complexities of conducting exams while the construction work is ongoing. However, the overall benefits outweigh these challenges.

The new school building under construction at Kololo Senior Secondary School holds immense significance for the institution. It represents a commitment to expanding educational access, ensuring safety, and improving the quality of education. With the support of the UPDF and KCCA, the project is well on its way to completion, and we can anticipate a brighter future for the students of this esteemed school. We join in the hope that KCCA continues to allocate funds to bring this project to fruition and contribute to the betterment of education in the region.



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